SEVERAL STORIES HIGH features original stories from a vast array of styles and subject matter. Fiction, fact, or perhaps somewhere in between. Mystery, humor, horror to science fiction and fantasy, history, crime, literature, personal journals, and beyond, each episode is a standalone story in its own right, fit with immersive sound effects and original music, and at the same time, each tale is also a piece of something bigger. Like facets of a rare jewel, or fireflies in a deep, dark wood. SEVERAL STORIES HIGH is hosted by creator Nathaniel David Knox. Shall we begin?

nathaniel david knox futura.jpg

In addition to creating and producing SEVERAL STORIES HIGH, Nathaniel David Knox is also a writer, music maker, and, as one fictitious person may have once said, “An aspiring creative human person.” He is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, The World, The Universe, The Ever-Expanding Multiverse, Kroger.